How to fax from e-mail

Healthy Addiction uses RingCentral for telephone and fax services.

HA staff can send outbound faxes using their e-mail.

To send an outbound fax using HA e-mail,

  1. Create a new message.
  2. Place the address in the form <faxnumber> where <faxnumber> is the complete fax number including an optional country code, area code, exchange and number of the intended receiving fax.  For example, would be a correctly formatted address. is also a correctly formatted fax address.
  3. In the subject line, place the text you wish to be included in a cover sheet.  For example “Please deliver to the attention of Richard Shriver.”
  4. Attach a document that contains the body of the fax to be sent.  This document can be a Microsoft Office document or a pdf.
  5. Send the message

Note, content in the e-mail body will not be sent via fax and is only for internal notation.

Note, sending faxes using personal e-mail addresses will not work as the address must be recognized by the RingCentral fax server as a Healthy Addiction e-mail address.

Note, while most file type attachments will be converted to Fax, not all types are supported.  If you have any questions on which file types are supported, please ask systems administration.

If there are any issues, please forward your questions to the systems administrator.