Post Thanksgiving withdrawal with our Kale-in-the-raw Tabbouleh

KaleSaladThe secret to great taste is in the type of kale, how we cut and massage it and our own citrus-basil salad dressing … not to mention the other ingredients which include shallots, cumin, tomatoes, mint and radish. We are offering this dish before our dietician, Katie, has even had a chance to make her nutritional analysis; we’re not worried (you could make this at home with the NYT recipe, of course, but for $6 per container, why bother?)

Speaking of nutrition, we maintain detailed nutritional information on all of our items once the recipe has stabilized; just ask during the store’s hours, weekdays between 11:00 and 1:00.

Speaking of nutrition, someone has ordered our turkey meatloaf for today. And why not? The meat loaf itself has only 390 calories per serving. We use Butterball turkey breast (ground, no skin), carrots, olive oil, celery, raw egg, sweet bell pepper, onions and parsley. Meatloaf with NO BREAD!

And we will have our tomato bean soup with turmeric (admittedly,not for everyone), wedding soup, vegetarian bean salad (featuring edamame), chicken salad over field greens, red quinoa salad, now in 4 oz containers (a good size for a side dish) as well as the larger containers, salmon salad, and … by increasingly popular demand, our new Pecan Chia Meltaway cookies .

Let us know how we can do better.

Be Well!