Healthy Addiction on E-List

Turkey Meatloaf
In case you missed it, Erica Tannen, founder and editor of dropped by the other day, and wrote about her experience with Healthy Addiction food. Rather than paraphrase, I thought you would appreciate her write-up in her own words. Erica:

“Healthy Addiction You know this about me by now: I love to cook. And I do it often. But there are days when I’m rushing home from God knows where and I just can’t get dinner on the table. And the last thing I need is pizza. There is some fine takeout on the Shoreline, but little of it exists in the hills of Lyme. You can imagine how THRILLED I was to learn of Healthy Addiction, right across from the BigWhy and behind the Citizen’s Bank at 5-1 Davis Road. A small but brimming case of clean food awaits. The-e-list team and I tasted this colorful plate of turkey meatloaf, whipped sweet potatoes and haricots verts (a lot of food for eight bucks), the weirdly delicious Quinoa Risotto, a lovely grilled chicken salad with zippy Basil Citrus dressing (also available by the bottle $6) and some Pecan Chia Meltaways for dessert. We were not at all surprised to learn that Healthy Addiction’s fare is whipped up by one of our favorite caterers,Gourmet Galley” … E-List, Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

Be Well!