A salute to Joe Baldi for winning the Niantic Triathalon (men over 50)

A salute to Joe Baldi, Healthy Addiction client, who recently won the Niantic Triathlon for his age group (over 50).

Joe is head of the Submarine Learning Center in Groton. While on active duty, Joe spent 10 years under the ocean and went at least 20,000 leagues under the seas.

Joe and his wife of eleven years, Kathleen (a local attorney), train together, though they have different goals … and follow different exercise regimes. Much of their training is on their own, like kick-boxing, yoga, swimming and strength training. They have complimented their own exercise program with a weekly personal training session with HA senior trainer, Ben Barrett, for some years.

Joe says “Ben contributed to my success in the triathlon,,,,He is an exceptional instructor …. He focuses on our goals … .”