Ben Barrett

Ben Barrett, B.S., CSCS, LMT, RCS, RDCS

Ben BarrettBen Body Builder

Ben has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, guiding people from all backgrounds into their best shape.  His formal education gave him the theoretical knowledge and understanding … He has a B.S. in Nutrition from the University of Connecticut; he gained a comprehensive understanding of cardiac physiology and its pathologies from Hoffman Heart Institute, in Hartford, Connecticut. But it was the many years in the trenches, working with individuals with a variety of goals, limitations, and age ranges that gave him the expertise.

Whether in his early teens devising exercise routines for himself and his peers;  or as a young adult in Los Angeles, California, immersed in the fitness culture and being mentored by some of the fitness giants of the mid 20th century (Terry Robinson, John Grimeck, Jack Lalanne, Bill Pearl); or in San Diego some years later, learning the craft  at an entirely new level with Paul Chek – He ultimately combined these awesome learning tools into his own formula for safe and effective outcomes with his clients.

Ben is a Personal Trainer and runs the Strength Posture and Balance, and Cardio Fitness classes.

Class Description When
Strength Balance and Posture For individuals dedicated to improving their bone health. The exercise program uses a variety of weight bearing exercises to increase bone health and muscle strength, targeting postural muscles. Tuesday and Thursday 9:00am
Active Isolated Stretching Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a very safe and effective way of increasing our flexibility or range of motion. All of our voluntary muscles in our body are paired with their opposite. We measure flexibility at the start, and chart improvement throughout the weeks to follow. Take our Interest Survey
Cardio Fitness Run according to American Heart Association Guidelines, aerobic and strengthening exercises, to improve functional and exercise capacity. Blood pressure and oxygen monitored. Currently noting interest

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